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The Pain Reprocessing Therapy Center is a training institute aimed at teaching clinicians the tools and techniques of Pain Reprocessing Therapy (PRT). PRT is an evidence-based approach for treating chronic pain. Rooted in neuroscience, PRT aims to rewire neural pathways in the brain in order to deactivate pain.

The PRT Certification Training takes place virtually over the course of four weeks and offers up to 12 CE credits. Upon completion of the training, all certified physicians and psychotherapists are eligible to be listed on our Directory of Practitioners so patients can easily find them on our website.

The training covers the following topics:

  • The neuroscience behind chronic pain.
  • How to help patients debunk the structural diagnosis and accept a mind-body explanation.
  • Breaking the pain-fear cycle.
  • Somatic Tracking – a guided exercise combining mindfulness, safety reappraisal, and positive affect induction.
  • The Process – a formula to determine when and how to use various pain-reducing techniques.
  • Addressing other psychological factors that contribute to an overall sense of danger.
  • Applying a universally applicable formula to overcome any fear-inducing stimuli.
  • Developing a toolkit for maintenance and relapse prevention.

Click here for additional details about the training and registration process: