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If you share our passion for helping people overcome their pain, please consider helping out in the following ways:

  • If you have your own recovery story to share, please consider sharing it in our Success Stories Database. Chronic pain can be terrifying and your story can provide hope to people in the midst of it. By providing this hope, you help them break the cycle of fear and pain. You can also can provide tips, helping them understand what worked for you. You retain complete control over your story, sharing as much or as little as you like. It only takes a minute to make a username, and you can edit or delete your story later on.
  • We need copyeditors, publicists, and writers! If you see some text you would like to change, this site is a Wiki like Wikipedia, so just make an account and edit the page. Be bold! Otherwise, feel free to contact us via our contact form.

This site is volunteer built using primarily free software, running on inexpensive hosting account from NameCheap web hosts. We hope at some point to expand to the point where we can hire staff and expand our operations. At present, we are able to keep our costs low enough that we do not do general fundraising and only do project-specific fundraising (general fundraising is actually fairly expensive to maintain). We do not accept contributions from practitioners, but if you have recovered using a TMS or PRT approach and there is a specific project you would like to fund, please reach out to our founder via our contact form.

Editing the Pain Reprocessing Therapy Wiki

The Pain Reprocessing Therapy Wiki is modeled after Wikipedia. In fact, we use the same software as Wikipedia. It is called MediaWiki and it is designed to be easy to use. Anyone can make an account, click the Edit link that appears, and then edit like they would edit in their favorite word processor. In fact, we encourage you to do so!

There are, of course, some rules, modeled on Wikipedia's rules. The first is that self-promotion is strictly prohibited. You must respect our values of neutral, factual content in the interest of our readers. Secondly, to make it easier to write collaboratively, we focus on information that a majority of PRT enthusiasts ("peers") would agree on. But that's it! And don't worry if your contribution is not perfect. If you think the text is an improvement, it probably is and we will be glad to have you join us.

Here is a video representing our philosophy. It's from Wikipedia, but since we use the same software and have the same philosophy, it applies here as well. We want the PRT Wiki to be vast and full of information, much like Wikipedia and the TMS Wiki are.

To make an account, please click here to contact us via our contact form. We apologize for the delay this adds, but it allows us to decrease spam accounts down to none. Once you have made an account, the Edit links will appear!